Sunday, February 1, 2009

Odontocidium hybrid

flower spike about 2ft tall

Label: (Odo. Durham Supreme x Odo. Crispen)novelty X Onc. Maculatum sp. "Green Selves".

Another of my beloved favorites, this rare (unnamed) cultivar I found by pure chance. I purchased as a seedling and so had no idea of the flowers until it bloomed. What a delightful surprise when this baby put out a spray of exotic looking blooms! Individial waxy flowers measure about 3 inches tall and are star shaped. It closely resembles Vuylstekeara which is an intergeneric hybrid resulting from a cross with Milt Ron’s Rippling Delight ‘Pacific Parfait’ x (Vuyl Mem Mary Kavanaugh x Oda John Hainsworth).

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