Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doritaenopsis? Newberry Parfait?

Plant I received as a gift is now blooming again for a second season. It loves being in a hanging pot.

New Seedlings from Cloud's Orchids!!

I recently received my order from Cloud's Orchids in Southern Ontario. The plants I purchased are of the oncidium alliance and are all hybrids:
Adaglossum Summit "Frenchtown" AM/AOS (Odontoglossum bictoniense x Ada keiliana)-should have chocolate sepals and petals, with bright orange lips.
Beallara Pacific Bright Star "Willy Nilly" (Odontioda Remembrance x Miltassia. Royal Robe (mericlone))-should produce large, glorious copper stars, tipped magenta and complimentary rose-pink lips. (Odontiodia is a cross of Cochlioda x Odontoglossumm and Miltassia is a cross of Miltonia and Brassia)
Oncidium Sharry Baby "Red Fantasy" (Jamie Sutton x Honolulu)-deliciously fragrant oncidium hybrid in red & fuchsia flowers smell of chocolate and vanilla.
Oncidioda Pacific Panic "Pacific Darling" (Oncidium Pupukea Sunset x Oncidioda Charlesworthii)-flowers whould be bright orange. (Oncidioda is a cross of Oncidium x Cochlioda)
I can't wait to see blooms on these babies!!

Harlequin Phalaenopsis (mini-phal)

This cute little "mini-phal" has stunning deep burgundy and white flowers. The lower sepals are not speckled and are the deepest burgundy I've ever seen in phalaenopsis. This type of speckling on the flower is refered to as "Harlequin" and the amount of speckling can vary widely.

Dialaelia Snowflake flower changing color

Very strange how some flowers change dramatically with age. This dialaelia opens as a pure white flower with pale magenta throat and a few days before dropping, the flower changes to a rich salmon color. As each flower matures, it begins to produce a delicate scent.