Moth Orchids

Oh so many sizes and colors!! These lovely plants have long lasting graceful sprays of flowers, sometimes dropping off only after 9 or 10 months! Now that's a bloomer for you!

Phal "Taipei Gold Goldstar" x Phal "Goldberry Carmela (1998)

Phal NOID poss. Phal "Surf Song" (2015)

Phal NOID poss." Sin Yuan Golden Beauty" or "Chian Xen Queen" or "Nebula" (2014)

Phal NOID poss "Elegant Karin Aloha" (2014)

Phal NOID large white, yellow/maroon throat (     )

Phal NOID wine self

Phal "Pingtun Gold" (2016)

Phal   NOID Peloric peach,  (2009)

Phal NOID poss Sogo Gotris- mini yellow pink blush (2009)