Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Newest cattleya from seedling (mossiae x mossiae semi alba)

After two years of growing this John Barnes seedling out, it finally surprised me yesterday with these giant eloquent blooms! Now I have to wait a few days to see if there is any fragrance to them.

I immediately crossed one of the blossoms with Potinara Sweet Chief Orange but those blooms were spent so the pollen may not be viable anymore. Only time will tell!
Meet Cattleya mossiae x  Cattleya mossiae semi alba

Cattleya mossiae x mossiae semi alba X Potinara Sweet Chief Orange 17-09-2019

Sunday, March 3, 2019

First re-bloom on Oncidium "Wild Willie"

After waiting almost 21 months, this clearance orchid I purchased at a nursery has finally decided it was happy enough to bloom. Sometimes, it may take a year or two for a newly acquired plant to acclimate to the different conditions that exist in our homes.   I'm hoping that it will now bloom reliably for me, season after season.

Since I purchased this orchid after it had finished blooming and the spike had been cut, even though a tag was included in the pot I could not confirm 100%  the identity until the new flowers opened. Sometimes, plants are mislabeled or tags can be accidentally switched during transplant or by being knocked out of a pot for example.

Now, all I'm waiting for is to sniff the delightful fragrance this hybrid is said to have!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Paphiopedilum insigne aka the Splendid Lady Slipper Orchid

This little gem is to join my collection in a few months when I pick it up at the Ottawa Orchid show. Most likely, the bloom will have fallen but if all goes well, it should reward me with a shoot that hopefully will subsequently bloom!
Many thanks to my friend John who picked this up for me at the SOOS show at the beginning of January. And the price wasn't bad either!

Monday, January 14, 2019

New Cattleya hybrid by Di Ciommo Greenhouse

 I’m elated this 4 year old seedling has just bloomed! After three false hopes (empty sheaths) she decided it was time to reward me with three nice blooms and there’s another bloom coming on a second pseudobulb! Thank you to John Barnes for entrusting me with this special beauty and to Joseph Di Ciommo for the outstanding cross! I’m still waiting to see if she will develop any fragrance 🤞
C. (Morning Call x Chianhao Beauty) x (Jungle Jewel x DiCiommo David)
First bloom, January 10 2019