Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wardian Case miniature garden

I've always wanted one of these Wardian Cases but found them either too big or way too expensive to purchase. This small one (only 12" long) had a price tag of almost 70$!! BUT I managed to get a huge discount because the greenhouse was getting ready for winter and decided to have a clearance in their tropicals dept.  Patience can pay off...

Ever wondered what a developing orchid flower spike looks like?

I get frequent emails and message inquiring about orchid spikes and how to care for them. So, I thought I'd take a series of photos showing the development of my Adaglossum orchid flower spike.

You can see the first picture, the emerging spike just in between the leaves.
 In this photo below, the individual buds have started to swell, and the arrangement of the buds looks somewhat like a braid!

Now we can see a much taller spike, with the individual buds clearly separated on the stalk as they continue to develop inside.

And finally some blooms!! This orchid is Adaglossum "Summit Frenchtown"

Dark wine Phalaenopsis with white lip

Beautiful contrast on this ruffled edge phal! The white labellum and border around the slightly frilly petals/sepals are quite showy. What is not to love??

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miltonidium "Issaku Nagata"

What is not to love??!?!  Tall stunning sprays of abundant and fragrant flowers adorn this mid sized orchid. And the blooms are long lasting to boot!

I call it my orchid "Christmas tree" as the branching arrangement of the flowers resembles a shimmering pyramidal shaped evergreen fir.  But of course, one could let the spike gracefully arch to one side too.

Meet the Gorgeous Vuylstekeara orchid!

This gorgeous and unusual hybrid is still thriving and reliably flowering almost every year since I first purchased at White Rose many years ago.

Vuylstekeara is an intergeneric hybrid between three orchid genera, Cochlioda, Miltonia and Odontoglossum.  It is very hardy and produces nice long sprays of star-shaped speckled blooms.

The photograph below depicts a newly opened bloom where the petals and sepals have not begun to recurve like the flowers shown in the photo above.

Large white moth orchid flower

What is not to like of an ever-blooming orchid? This is one of my most floriferous orchids, which sports huge 5 inch blooms most of the year. Surprisingly, this moth orchid has been re-blooming on 3-4 year old spikes while being so pot-bound most of the roots are hanging outside of the hanging pot. 
This is one of my first orchids in my collection.

Emerging flower spike on hybrid orchid plant

I thought I'd share what a flower spike looks like when it just starts to emerge from the base of the bulb, nestled inside a few sets of leaves. Sometimes, when the bulbs aren't mature enough or have not received enough light or fertilizer to initiate budding, we only get a new growth instead of a flower spike.

When orchids are small and growing, I will often pot several plants together. This orchid should be Adaglossum Summit "Frenchtown" unless I mixed the tags!  Keep watching for an update of this plant with her blooms!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pinstriped pink Phalaenopsis noid

I have many noid phals but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them. Although, I prefer to acquire accurately named cultivars, it is rarely possible nowadays unless purchasing plants from a reputable nursery.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy this cute little pinstriped gem...she looks like she's dressed in pyjamas!

The sweet scented Bird Beak Orchid!

Oncidium Sharry Baby "Red Fantasy" (Jamie Sutton x Honolulu)-deliciously fragrant oncidium hybrid in red & fuchsia flowers smell of chocolate and vanilla!! The flowers appear in profusion on delicately arching doesn't get better than this!!

Beallara "Willy Nilly"

Although this beauty bloomed for me a few years ago, I thought I'd share a photo of my Beallara Pacific Bright Star "Willy Nilly" (Odontioda x Miltassia).

Just look at those glorious magenta star-shaped flowers!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Miniature moth orchids in pink and yellow

Two more pink miniatures I acquired. The yellow and pink blush variety bellow is very easy to propagate as I was able to divide into four plants within 2 years. 

The pale lime green and light pink veined cultivar below is the most recent addition; yet another beautiful gift by my thoughtful husband. Love you honey!

Phalaenopsis speckled beauty!

WOW! I can't even remember buying this plant so imagine my surprise when it bloomed this last spring!! It had over 15 flowers opened at the same time. Nice compact plant with superb pattern and vibrant coloration. View large and be dazzled!

This is possibly Phalaenopsis Elegant Karin Aloha (a cross of
Phal. Salu Peoker x Dtps. Taida Pearl)

Wine coloured phalaenopsis

When I first saw the very dark wine flowers on this plant, I was so tempted that I could not resist purchasing two plants! They look splendid potted up in a wide container.

Creative idea for a hanging orchid chandelier!

When a friend of mine gave me this old plant stand, I immediately saw its potential. What a great way to save space and hang plants in front of the window!

I flipped the stand upside down, attached three chains and hooks and voila...ingenious eh??

yellow speckled phalaenopsis

I find miniature phalaenopsis are delightful because I can cram more plants into one spot! Here is a light yellow moth orchid with pink freckles and lip that was given to me as a gift by spouse.

Magenta Phalaenopsis

Put on your sunglasses! Here is one of the brightest magenta flowers you will ever see. It has been blooming reliably year after year, rewarding me with masses of blooms so bright you'd think they are glowing! But don't take my word for it...see for yourself (best viewed large).

Yellow phalaenopsis pinstriped with cerise lip

Orchids are like can't just buy just one variety!! And oh my! They really do come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Since many of my orchids bloom in winter, they brighten up my house on those dreaded dark and cold days when I need a pick-me-up.

variegated-leaved phalaenopsis

Oh what a surprise when I spotted this lovely variegated-leaved moth orchid! It is a miniature orchid with small light pink speckled flowers. The silvery pattern on the leaves only add to the beauty of the specimen.

White Dendrobium nobile with yellow maroon throat

The waxy flowers are very long lasting and have a most delicate pleasant scent! My canes are giving me new growth during the summer ...hoping for flower buds this fall!

White and pink Dendrobium nobile

A rare find at a local grocery store, this unnamed dendrobium nobile begged to come home with me...along with several other orchidacea friends.

Like many dendrobiums, the smell of this bouquet is sweet and intoxicating!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angel phalaenopsis

Orchids have only three petals, one of which is highly modified and forms a lip or labellum. The labellum is the lower central petal that looks very different from the other 2 petals. You might think I am crazy and that you see/count a total of 5 "petals" on the photo below but the other 3 are actually sepals (which in this case, look a lot like the petals)! Orchid lesson no.1 done.

At first glance, one sees a strangely wonderful yellow orchid flower but look more closely and you might even see an angel with her wings folded inwards! This phalaenopsis is a cross of Phal "Taipei Gold Goldstar" x Phal "Goldberry Carmela"  and the flowers are waxy in appearance.