Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angel phalaenopsis

Orchids have only three petals, one of which is highly modified and forms a lip or labellum. The labellum is the lower central petal that looks very different from the other 2 petals. You might think I am crazy and that you see/count a total of 5 "petals" on the photo below but the other 3 are actually sepals (which in this case, look a lot like the petals)! Orchid lesson no.1 done.

At first glance, one sees a strangely wonderful yellow orchid flower but look more closely and you might even see an angel with her wings folded inwards! This phalaenopsis is a cross of Phal "Taipei Gold Goldstar" x Phal "Goldberry Carmela"  and the flowers are waxy in appearance.