Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keiki hormone paste

This node was already swelled when I applied the paste so may end up producing more blooms instead of a keiki.

This node was totally undevelopped (flat) at the time of application. At 3 weeks post application, one can already see the swelling or growth of tissue that may form a keiki .

This is my second attempt at producing keikis on phalaenopsis using Keikigrow hormone paste. When the hormone is applied to the nodes on a phalaenopsis flowering stem, small plants called keikis are induced to grow. These keikis are exact replicas (or clones) of the mother plant.

Here the paste was applied at two different nodes, one which already had signs of growth before application (growth that would likely have resulted in more blooms). The second node had no active growth at the time of application. Once can already see the development of some tissue which will hopefully form a keiki.

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