Moth Orchids

Oh so many sizes and colors!! These lovely plants have long lasting graceful sprays of flowers, sometimes dropping off only after 9 or 10 months! Now that's a bloomer for you!

Phal White Wonder x self (2017) JB
photo courtesy J. Barnes

Phal "Taipei Gold Goldstar" x Phal "Goldberry Carmela (2000) WR

Dtps NOID round tangerine poss. Phal "Surf Song" (2015) G

Phal NOID poss." Sin Yuan Golden Beauty" or "Chian Xen Queen" or "Nebula" (2014) G
tag #yc2014

Phal NOID poss "Elegant Karin Aloha" (2014) G

Phal NOID large white, yellow/maroon throat ( 2001?) WR

Phal NOID wine self (2015) G

Phal NOID orange kaleidoscope (201?) G

Phal NOID magenta kaleidoscope (201?) G

Phal "Pingtun Gold" (2016) CSO

Phal   NOID Peloric poss Venetian Peach,  (2009) G

Phal NOID poss Sogo Gotris- mini yellow pink blush (2009) G

Phdps (phalandopsis) Little One (2017) CSO

Phal NOID pale magenta (2016) blue dyed G

Phal NOID pink on pink veined, magenta lip (2018) W

Phal NOID yellow with orange flecks, (2018) G

Phal NOID mini dark pink and white on compact branched stems  poss. Newberry 'Be Tris' (2017) CT

Phal NOID harlequin white/purple (2015) W

Phal NOID yellow pink speckled (2015) FT

Phal NOID mini magenta (2017) L

Phal NOID light pink schilleriana x stuartiana type (2015) G

Phal NOID pale pink (2017) MG

Phal NOID pure white blooms with a beautiful picotee edge poss Newberry Parfait 'Picotee' (2014) MG

Phal dark red with white fringe border and lip (2016) G

Phal (petaloid) big lip, white with blush pink centre NOID (2018) W

Phal equestris "coerulea (2018) FP

Phal "Crystal Surprise" (2018) CSO