Corsage Orchids

Cattleyas are generally known for their bold colours, large flowers and exquisite scent! Traditionally used in corsages,  years of hybridizing has produced thousands of cultivars to suit anybody's fancy!

Potinara Chief Sweet Orange (2017) CSO

Lc. Mini Purple 'Ocean Blue (2017) CSO

C. (Morning Call x Chianhao Beauty) x (Jungle Jewel x DiCiommo David) (2017) JB

C. Mossiae x mossiae semi-alba (2017) JB

C. Percivaliana (2017) JB

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Rhyncholaelia x Cattleya) Hsinying Sunbeam "Juliets" (2016) CSO

Dialaelia (Laelia and Diacrum) NOID poss. Snowflake WR